untitled-4864 (640x427)There are lots of food festivals across the UK every summer.

At Salters we love meeting our clients so we visit lots of different food festivals, chilli fiestas, county shows and the like all over southern England. We even venture into the Midlands and over to Dorset.

Some of them are specifically for chilli lovers and others more general foodie events and all are family friendly.

Here are some of the places we will be this summer:


  • Wellingborough Chilli Fiesta, Northants – 21 May
  • Blenheim Palace Food Festival, Woodstock 28 -30 May


South of England Show in Ardingly, Sussex on 9 – 11 June


  • North East Chilli Fest at Delaval Hall 2 -3 July
  • Shoreham Chilli Festival 9 – 10 July
  • Country Life Style Luxury Summer Fair, Salomons, Tunbridge Wells 14 – 15 July
  • Great Dorset Chilli Festival 30 – 31 July


  • West Dean Chilli Festival, Chichester, 5- 7 August
  • Bennington Lordship Chilli Festival, Stevenage, 27 – 30 August


The events calendar on our website gives details for each of the festivals and details on how to book tickets.

We will have lots of individual bottles of Must Chup Original, Kick and Big Kick and lots of giftsets containing all 3 sauces.

You can pre-order your Must Chup for collection at any of the fairs above. Simply use the contact us form to let us know your requirements.

If you’re nearby then please come over to say hello and sample our sauces.