Must Chup chicken strips with bacon
A perfect mid week feast.
Preparation time: 15mins
Cooking Time: 10 mins
4 people


4 breasts of chicken
Olive Oil
Salt and pepper
3 shallots
Dry cured smoked bacon medallions
250g Long grain rice
Chervil to garnish
Must Chup

  1. Finely chop the shallots and bacon medallions
  2. Pour some olive oil in a frying pan and heat until hot
  3. Add the chopped shallots and cook over a gentle heat until opaque
  4. Pour into a bowl ensuring all shallots are out of the pan.
  5. Cut the chicken breasts into strips and lightly season with salt and pepper
  6. Pour remaining olive oil into frying pan and heat until hot
  7. Add chicken strips and seal to retain flavour
  8. Then add chopped bacon to pan and fry until crisp
  9. Add a good dollop of Must Chup to the pan to coat chicken strips and bacon bits
  10. Allow the chicken to cook through over a gentle heat and then add back the shallots
  11. Allow to simmer gently
  12. Boil a kettle and add boiling water to a pan
  13. Pour Long grain rice into boiling water and simmer for 12-15 minutes
  14. Drain rice in sieve and pour back into pan with a knob of butter and season to taste
  15. Spoon rice onto centre of hot plates making a hole and then add chicken from frying pan
  16. Garnish dish with chervil. Enjoy