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A great way to make sure you have a bottle to suit the whole family. Original is suitable for children and non-chilli lovers, the Kick for those who want to begin the chilli ketchup journey, Big Kick for the family member who enjoy medium levels of chilli heat and Bad Boy Kick for the Chilli head who wants an extra spicy sauce.

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Must Chup ‘Original’ 260g

A rich tomato sauce with delicate mustard flavours and subtle heat. This is a family favourite with proper tomato sauce lovers and is enjoyed by children and those with a delicate palate.

Must Chup ‘Kick’ 260g

For those condiment sauce fans who are starting the chilli journey and enjoy the flavour combination of proper tomato ketchup and gentle Jalapeño chilli heat, providing a gentle to medium spicey sauce.

Must Chup ‘Big Kick’ 260g

This spicy sauce is for the chilli lover who enjoys a balance of rich tomato and delicate mustard flavours followed by delayed medium habanero chilli heat. It is a huge favourite with the chilli connoisseur as a table ketchup and those who want to use it as an ingredient, giving the heat time to mellow.

Must Chup ‘Bad Boy Kick’ 260g

Awarded 2 stars at the 2018 Great Taste Awards, this Bad Boy has a serious amount of delayed heat yet maintains its fruity flavours through the tomato sauce and habanero chilli used. This spicy little number will creep up on you and surprise the most experienced chilli professional who appreciates both flavour and heat!