National BBQ Week

Did you know it’s National BBQ Week from 30 May to 5 June? Hopefully the weather will be kind to us over the weekend so we can get the BBQ out. Sunday is forecast to be 23 degrees and sunny in Kent so ideal BBQ weather.

I picked up a great barbecue recipe book by Jamie Oliver yesterday: Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube presents The BBQ Book.

This is from his extremely popular You Tube channel and has some great recipes including a chilli con carne made on the barbecue (in a casserole pan) –  try this and add some Must Chup Big Kick for a bigger spicy hit.

Your meat

If you need some high quality local meat we are lucky to have several local suppliers:

What to cook on?

If you need to buy a BBQ then this article from BBQs UK gives a great summary


Some great recipes here from all around the world. Plus these from the BBC.


Top Tips for a successful BBQ

  • Marinade or pre-prepare your meat beforehand for extra flavour.
  • Soak wooden skewers before you fill them as they will be easier to use.
  • Consider cooking some of the larger items in your oven and finishing them off on the barbecue.
  • If you are using a charcoal barbecue then let the coals go grey to ensure they are the right temperature before you start cooking.
  • Read these tips from Jamie Oliver.

Must Chup

Must Chup makes a great addition to a barbecue recipe or added alongside your cooked food. To buy your Original, Kick or Big Kick visit our online shop or find us in local suppliers such as Oliver Green’s in Rusthall or Javabean Cafe on the High Street in Tunbridge Wells or Southborough Butchers.