Easter is early this year and fast approaching

Easter is traditionally the time for celebrating with your family with food.

The custom of food blessing at Easter, which has early-medieval roots in 7th century Christian society, possibly originated from a pagan ritual. Bread and eggs are the symbols of resurrection and Christ and were first used in the 12th century.

So there are lots of sweet recipes but how about something savoury?

Have you heard of Tortano? It’s stuffed bread traditionally served in Italian households to celebrate Easter.

Why not add a bit of Must Chup on the side?

tortano easter

Have you checked our events calendar to see where we will be in the next few months? Lots of chilli festivals, fairs, fetes and festivals coming up.

Andrew is at Tonbridge Farmers Market on the second Sunday of each month and the next market is on Sunday 10 April.

If you have foodie friends and you are visiting them you could replace the wine or chocolates with one of our Must Chup Gift Sets available via the Must Chup website or Andrew always has some with him when he goes to events.

Our recipe of the month is Herb Encrusted Rack of Lamb with Must Chup “Kick”

Don’t forget to change your clocks on Easter Sunday. We leap forward an hour into Spring.