Hello Must-Chuppers,

So how was your Black Friday weekend? Are you still glowing from bagging the bargain of the century or did you make the ultimate saving and not spend a penny?! Here at MC HQ we’re all for retailers slashing their prices a month before Christmas, so long as the bargains are real and genuine, which sadly they’re not in all cases. Considering how good we are at inheriting things from the US, perhaps in a few years we’ll all be completing the Black Friday tradition by celebrating Thanks Giving the day before?!

So shopping must be on everyone’s mind in the lead up to Christmas and if you’re planning to post any of your beautifully purchased gifts overseas, we thought this link to the Royal Mail latest recommended posting dates for Christmas 2015 may come in handy – Royal Mail Posting Dates. If you’re planning to purchase Must-Chup for the Christmas season, we’d recommend ordering by Friday 11th December 2015. Orders made later may still get there, but better to be safe than sorry. If you are concerned about your delivery for Christmas, please call our delivery partner Simply Thank You on 0800 136 545.

November was a busy month for Must-Chup. We were out and about serving up our delicious sauces to new Must-Chup fans. On Sunday 8th November we were at our regular haunt – The Tonbridge Farmers Market. Make sure you get down to the next Farmers Market on Sunday 13th December for their special Christmas Drinks event. Do your best to talk the other half into driving!


On Saturday 21st November we were at Hillier Garden centre and Farm shop in Horesham, it was a fantastic day. If you’re local, please go and check it out, they have an extensive show room with seasonal displays including beautiful patio furniture, must have gift ware and some indulgent gardener’s treats!

20151121_094753_resized (2)

Also in November we officially launched our gift box, perfectly timed for Christmas! Featuring our 3 fantastic flavours, Original, Kick and Big Kick, retails for £13.25 including full postage and packing to anywhere in the UK.

MUST-CHUP - Christmas Gift Box

So we’ll let you all get back to your day now, but before we leave you, here’s a non Christmas Must-Chup recipe to try in the coming days, we say non Christmas because in our next blog in mid December we intend to hit you with umpteen Christmas Must-Chup recipes, you have been warned!

Enjoy the last couple of days of November and we look forward to seeing you back here, at the Must-Chup December blog.

Must-Chup Kick Carb Free Chicken Stir Fry:

Chicken stir fry Kick best photo

For two people


500g Chicken fillets

2 Yellow Peppers

2 Red peppers

125ml red wine

Salt and pepper

2 punnets Chestnut Mushrooms

¼ bottle of Must Chup ‘Kick’

500g green beans

Olive oil


In a bowl place the chicken fillets with Must Chup ‘Kick’ and mix until fillets are coated. Season and add red wine. Cover and leave in the fridge for two hours.

Top and tail your green beans if not already prepared and steam in a pan until al dente. Refresh in cold water, drain and then cut in half.

Chop and de-seed peppers into strips and slice washed Chestnut mushrooms.

In a frying pan add some olive oil and heat until hot. Add the peppers and cook until nicely coloured. Drain into a bowl and then add sliced mushrooms with a little salt and pepper. Add more olive oil if required.

Once mushrooms are cooked add to peppers in bowl.

Remove marinated chicken from fridge and add to pan with marinade juices. Seal and cook chicken.

Then add to the chicken the peppers, mushrooms and beans and season with salt and pepper if required.

Serve in a hot bowl. Bon appetite!